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I'm Jackie Gartner-Schmidt

My passion is to transform how professionals present… to make them as effective and accomplished in front of audiences as they are in their work.  Voice Now, LLC was created in 2013 for that purpose. 


What sparked this passion?  Here’s the story, briefly.


I work in academic medicine.  At national and international conferences, I watch many presentations.  My colleagues are smart people – surgeons, grant funded researchers, inventors, department chairs, among others.  What I’ve noticed is that subpar skills hinder their presentations.  When it comes to commanding audiences, remember:  Expertise not powerfully communicated is expertise wasted.


It wasn’t just my colleagues who needed to be better onstage. My own game needed upping.  I set about attending courses, workshops, and reading many books on presentation effectiveness.  Study, a lot of practice with proven techniques, and trial and error improved me as a presenter. Colleagues and others took notice.  They began seeking my help to improve their presentations.

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My interest in presentation effectiveness began years before, though, with a love of graphic design and communications.


After receiving my bachelor’s degree at Queen’s University, I considered a career in advertising and management consulting.  I joined Deloitte & Touche before obtaining my master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology at Michigan State University.  At MSU, I discovered a specialty, professional voice. 


My clinical fellowship took me to the Vanderbilt Voice Center in Nashville and later the University of Maryland, where I earned my PhD in Communication Sciences and Disorders.


Since 2003, I’ve served as Co-director of the University of Pittsburgh Voice Center at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and am a professor. My published body of work includes 43 peer-reviewed articles and I’ve been co-investigator on many NIH-funded grants.


I’m routinely before audiences, nationally and internationally, having made about 400 presentations in my career.  I’m a member of the Presentation Guild and consult with TEDx Talks and Microsoft.

Voice Now LLC offers on-site group workshops and one-on-one training.  My approach centers on the three Ds: develop, design, and deliver.  Excellence in all three is critical to powerful presentations.


Let’s work together to take your presentations to the next level and beyond.  Become the presenter that audiences talk about and remember!

Voice Now:  practical approaches to presentation effectiveness 

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