TheVoice NowMethod

The Voice Now Method approaches presentation effectiveness through the incorporation of three important components: Develop, Design, Deliver

Master these three core elements and you will be delivering the most effective presentations possible in no time!


Audience Analysis

Who are they?

Why should they listen to you?

How will you make their lives easier?

Content Creation

What is your core message?

Distill your story

Next Steps

Clarify the next steps for your audience

What do you want people to do?

Define your "call to action"


Visual Storytelling

Use evocative images that engage emotion

Utilizing Slides

Slides are "glance media"

Message should be quickly understood

Keep It Simple

Simple form and contrast



Modify your voice to effectively convey your meaning


Choose your words wisely


Engage your "power space"

Own the stage

Be Confident

Know how to decrease speaker apprehension